Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is unique about the CleanSpace2™ respirator?

The CleanSpace2™ respirator combines the mobility of a dust mask, with comfort, style and ease of use and the full protection of a powered respirator in a fully integrated unit.

Q: Where are the CleanSpace2™ respirator and accessories made?

The CleanSpace2™ respirator and accessories are designed and assembled in Australia from quality components made in China, Taiwan, US and Australia. As part of PAFtec's ISO9001 accredited Australian operations, there is a preferred suppliers program and stringent quality control process on all components. Every CleanSpace2™ respirator is individually tested for quality and performance in our ISO9001 factory in Sydney, Australia. PAFtec Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries PAFtec Australia Pty Ltd and PAFtec Technologies Pty Ltd are Australian owned Companies.

Q: Why is CleanSpace2™ more comfortable than a dust mask or an air purifying respirator (APR)?

  • The soft silicone mask seals gently and easily to your face - available in three sizes, to maximise fit.
  • The AirSensit™ System intelligently delivers air on demand, and in unison with your breathing.
  • Compact and light (weighs 600g), the respirator sits at the back of your neck and close to your body with no hoses, leads or cables.

Q: How long does the battery last?

Minimum 4.5 hours, typically 6 hours. CleanSpace2™ has an optional external battery pack providing up to 11 hours* operating time (*with CleanSpace2™ Endurance Pack) on a single charge.

Q: Why does the air you breathe with CleanSpace2™ feel fresher than a dust (APR) mask?

CleanSpace2™ flushes out the exhaled air during normal breathing so your next breath is always fresh and filtered. In Compare, a proportion of the air inside a paper/passive mask is re-breathed resulting in a higher CO2 concentration and moisture levels inside the mask. Our internal testing shows the CO2 concentration in a CleanSpace2™ is a fifth of that in a typical paper/passive mask. The CleanSpace2™ also dramatically reduces the moisture content. CleanSpace2™ ensures fresh purified air every breath you take.

Q: What are the typical applications for CleanSpace2™ respirator?

CleanSpace2™ is designed for people working in a variety of jobs with challenging air environments such as welding, mining, manufacturing, timber/woodworking, agriculture, building/construction, heavy industry and emergency services.

Q: Can I do heavy work wearing a CleanSpace2™?

Yes. With a response time of 125 milliseconds, the CleanSpace2™'s powerful micro-turbine can easily match the breathing requirements of a wearer running. The device has been tested and used in the field where wearers have been involved in heavy work level and high activity level such as climbing up ladders, lifting cement bags and digging.

Q: What is the particulate filtration grade of the CleanSpace2™ filter?

CleanSpace2™ Particulate (P3) filter has been accredited to a minimum filtration of PAPR P3, which has higher than 99% efficiency over 0.3um and above particles. This is sufficient for most industrial applications, including most mechanically and thermally generated particles.

Q: How does CleanSpace2™ particulate filter compare with a paper mask?

CleanSpace2™ particulate filter is about 5 times more efficient than a mask because the CleanSpace2™ ensures positive pressure inside the mask preventing outside air from leaking into mask.

Q: What are the electromagnetic emissions generated by CleanSpace2™ electronics around my neck?

CleanSpace2™ Respirator generates a fraction of the emissions of a mobile phone. Using your mobile phone for 1 second is equivalent to using the PAFtec CleanSpace2™ continuously for 320 hours in terms of both Electromagnetic Field (EF) and Radio Frequency (RF) emissions The CleanSpace2™ has been rigorously tested for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) by EMC Technologies to the Standard AS/NZS CISPR11/EN12942. This testing confirmed that in terms of EF and RF emissions, the CleanSpace2™ emits EF and RF at levels 1,250,000 times lower than the safety limits regulated for mobile phones use.


Q: How do I manually zero calibrate the Respirator?

The CleanSpace2™ Respirator can be zero calibrated in two (2) ways: 1. Auto-Zero Calibration To auto-zero calibrate the pressure sensor, switch the Respirator into Standby Mode for at least 20 seconds before use. 2. Manual-Zero Calibration A manual-zero calibration can be performed by pressing the Power Button and Comfort Airflow Button at the same time. The Buttons should be held until both the Blue and Red lights come on, after which the Buttons should be released. The lights will stay on for a few seconds while the Respirator recalibrates itself. The calibration is completed when the blue and red lights switch off.

Q: What do I do if the Respirator does not switch off when I remove it?

The Respirator needs to be manually re-recalibrated. See the Zero Calibration instructions in the CleanSpace2™ user manual. This should re-set the Respirator. If the problem continues contact your safety equipment supplier.

Q: What do I do if the Respirator does not start?

If the Respirator does not start, follow the steps below:

  • Check that Respirator is not in OFF MODE or has no charge by pressing the Power button and putting the Respirator into Standby Mode. The respirator is Standby Mode and the battery is charged if the green lights are on.
  • If no lights are on then the Respirator may need to be charged. To charge, connect the Respirator with the charger. The Respirator is charging when the charging lights (green) are flashing. The CleanSpace2™ Respirator internal battery takes approximately 2 hours to charge to 95% charged.
If the Respirator does not start after following the two steps above, discontinue use and contact your safety equipment supplier or PAFtec Australia Pty Ltd for further information.

Q: What does it mean if the Respirator beeps during use?

Filter Warning Alarm

If the Filter Warning Alarm sounds (several beeps) when the motor is running and the red "filter" light is on, this is a warning that the filter is now 80% blocked and should be changed immediately. Move into a clean air environment as soon as possible and replace the filter. Warning: Never use the CleanSpace2™ Respirator without a filter being fitted.

Low Battery Alarm

All CleanSpace2™ respirators have a low battery alarm, which is triggered when the battery has approximately 5 minutes life remaining. If the battery alarm sounds (one beep), leave the contaminated area immediately, re-charge the battery or attach a charged CleanSpace2™ Endurance Pack.

Q: When does the CleanSpace2™ Respirator turn off ("go into Standby Mode")?

The CleanSpace2™ Respirator has three (3) power modes: On, Standby and Off. The Respirator is designed to automatically switch off the motor and go into Standby Mode within ten (10) seconds of not being in use. In Standby Mode, you need only fit the mask and begin breathing normally to trigger the On Mode with the motor running. If the Respirator is in Standby Mode and no breathing is detected for 3 minutes, the Respirator switches into Off Mode. In Off mode you will need to press the Power Button to switch the Respirator back into Standby Mode.

Q: How do I clean the CleanSpace2™ Respirator?

We recommended that you clean your Respirator after every use. The mask, power unit, neck pad and harness need to be cleaned separately. Disassemble the mask, neck pad and harness from the power unit before cleaning. For detailed cleaning instructions see the section on cleaning in this user manual. In brief, cleaning instructions for each component are as follows:

  • Cleaning the silicone mask - Wash in warm to hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Cleaning the Respirator - Wipe with dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • Cleaning the harness and neck pad - Remove from Respirator and wash in hot soapy water. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Q: What happens if the Respirator gets wet?

The CleanSpace2™ Respirator is splash-proof only and should not be used in heavy rain or submersed in water. If the Respirator gets wet, dry the casing thoroughly then check to see if water has penetrated the Respirator by removing the filter cover and filter. If water has penetrated the Respirator, discontinue use and contact your safety equipment supplier or PAFtec Australia Pty Ltd for further information.

Q: Which comfort setting should I choose?

The CleanSpace2™ Respirator can be adjusted for comfort by selecting Level 1, 2 or 3 on the keypad. The Level is selected by pressing the fan button and listening for the number of short beeps emitted. The Comfort Setting changes the way the respirator responds to your breathing effort. Level 3 (three beeps) is designed to suit the needs of someone engaged in physically strenuous activity, whilst Level 1 (one beep) is designed to suit the needs of someone engaged in more sedate activity. You should select the most comfortable setting depending on the type of use. Note: The Respirator is capable of delivering airflow of at least 180 l/min regardless of the selected Comfort Setting (with a new, unblocked filter installed).

Q: What do I do if the airflow in the mask is not right when I breathe in (either too much or not enough)?

The airflow response time of the Respirator can be adjusted for comfort by selecting the appropriate Comfort setting. Press the Comfort Setting button and you will hear 1, 2 or 3 audible beeps. Level 3 (three beeps) is designed to suit the needs of someone engaged in physically strenuous activity, whilst Level 1 (one beep) is designed to suit the needs of someone engaged in more sedate activity.

Note: The Respirator is capable of delivering airflow of at least 180 l/min regardless of the selected Comfort Setting (with a new, unblocked filter installed).

Battery and Charging:

Q: How long does the battery last?

Fully charged, the CleanSpace2™ Respirator has an operating time of typically 6 hours for an average workload.

Q: How long does the internal battery take to charge?

The CleanSpace2™ Respirator internal battery takes approximately 2 hours to charge to 95% charged.

Q: How do you fit an Endurance Battery Pack to the CleanSpace2™Respirator?

The Endurance Pack will increase the working use time of the CleanSpace2™ Respirator by up to an additional 5 hours (typical use). The Endurance Battery Pack is an accessory and sold separately. To fit the Endurance Pack, simply remove the neck pad on the Respirator and place the Velcro side of the Endurance pouch on the corresponding Velcro strips on the casing of the Respirator. Replace the neck pad. Remove the small rubber Charging Port Cover on the underside of the Respirator. Connect the short lead on the Endurance Battery Pack into the Respirator charging socket. Note: If the CleanSpace2™ Internal Battery is completely flat when you attach the Endurance Battery Pack, allow two (3) minutes before recommencing use of the Respirator.

CleanSpace2™ Mask:

Q: Which size of mask should I choose?

The CleanSpace2™ Respirator has several masks. Choose the mask that ensures a close seal on your face and fits comfortably without excess pressure. The correct CleanSpace2™ mask should be fitted to different users by trained safety personnel before being issued for use. Note: The CleanSpace2™ Respirator is an accredited respiratory protection device. We recommend that the wearer be clean shaven when using the CleanSpace2™ Respirator.

Q: When should I replace the exhalation valve in the mask of the CleanSpace2™?

The valve should be checked before each use to ensure it is in good condition. There should be no cracks or tears and the valve edge should not be warped or irregular. The valve should be seated correctly with no dust or dirt obstructing its operation. Faulty or missing valves should be replaced before use.

Q: CleanSpace2™ Respirator doesn't seal on my face (too tight or too loose)

The Respirator should be fitted to each user before being issued for use. The silicone mask should be fitted to ensure a close seal on the user's face and fit comfortably without excess pressure. There are three ways to adjust the Respirator for fit:
1. Adjust the flexible arms on either side of the Respirator To tighten the arms, push the mask and Respirator toward each other. You should hear a "click, click" as the adjustments tighten. To loosen the arms, push the adjustment buttons on both sides and pull the mask out from the Respirator.
2. Using a different sized neck pads (thin and thick) To create a tighter fit use the thick neck pad. For a larger fit, use the thin neck pad.
3. Using a different sized mask (small, medium and large) The CleanSpace2™ Respirator can be used with a small, medium or large silicone mask. The correct mask should be selected and fitted before use.

CleanSpace2™ Filters:

Q: Can I clean the CleanSpace2™ filters?

The CleanSpace2™ filters are NOT reusable and should NOT be cleaned. Do not use compressed air or any other method to clean the CleanSpace2™ filters. Cleaning the filters affects the filtering efficiency and reduces the protection factor offered.

Q: How long does paftec CleanSpace2™ Particulate Filter EN12942 TM2 P3 filter last?

A: This depends on the environment in which it is used. In low to medium contaminated environments, the typical life is 2 to 3 months. However, it is recommended that the filter be changed more frequently in environments where the particle load is medium to heavy or when the filter warning light comes on. Use of the PAFtec pre-filter cover can extend the filter life in medium to heavy dust environments.

Q: How do I know that my filter needs to be changed?

The filter service life is generally recognizable by:

  • For particulate filters, the CleanSpace2™ Respirator can detect when the particulate filters are blocked and will beep during use and the filter light will come on.
  • For gas filters, there is no way for the respirators to detect when the gas filters are exhausted. The wearer should be aware of work place policies on the use of Respirators with gas or combination filters, if the wearer detects a noticeable taste or smell then they should immediately leave the contaminated area and change the filters.